Playful Persona. Serious Impact.

When Zelie Beans Coffee was still just a dream, they came to us to help define their personality, and create a unique visual identity. They knew they didn’t want anything too serious, but they do have a momentous mission: to bring the best crafted small batch coffees to our local Houston market, while ensuring that all the families that work so hard for that perfect cup are supported fairly.

So we came up with something as fun as jelly beans, but with a bold and robust aroma, to garner the respect needed to accomplish such a profound and crucial calling. Keeping people at the forefront was a central theme, and our inspiration for the tagline:

Families helping families through specialty coffee.

The tribal patterns in the beans reflect those in the clothing and goods made in the native lands. We chose bright colors to reflect the vibrant cultures of the various growers across the globe, and we incorporated actual photographs of those different regions for added authenticity. Our personable design gives an approachable vibe to stationery, packaging, website, promotional merchandise, and more. The result is a complete brand system that communicates the positive energy and lasting sincerity of the Zelie Beans vision.